4 Ways to Conserve Energy & Save More Money in Your Home

Posted on: 18 January 2017

Making the home more energy-efficient could help you save hundreds of dollars each year. You may currently spend tons of money trying to keep your home as comfortable as possible throughout the year. Even if you are trying to conserve by leaving lights off for extended periods and trying not to run the heat on high too often, those bills may still be higher than you would like. If you can make some major decisions to make your home more energy-efficient, you could instantly start benefiting from those decisions.

1. Use Solar Shades on Your Windows

Solar shades are designed to reflect light. If you are using them on your windows, you will no longer have to worry about the heat seeping into your windows simply because the sun is beating down on your home. By using solar shades on each of your windows, it is possible to reduce the temperature inside of your home and keep it feeling far more comfortable. These shades come in several shades, some of which are darker and offer even more heat protection than others.

2. Get Solar Panels Installed

If you choose solar panel installation, you can rely on solar energy instead of traditional energy sources. The reason this is a better alternative is because the solar panels rely on heat from the sun to provide electricity directly to the home. Because you are using a natural resource to get electricity inside your home that does not release carbon dioxide and other harmful gases into the air, you are already making a major improvement. Aside from making a change that benefits the environment, you can instantly start saving money.

Although you may initially need to make an investment to purchase these solar panels and have them installed correctly by a team of professionals, it is worth it in the long run. Not only can you continuously save money throughout the year, but you may be able to get tax credits for choosing to go solar as well.

3. Add Insulation to Your Garage Door

You may not think too much of it, but the air can seep directly through the garage door and make its way into your home, which could be costing you more in heating and cooling costs each year. If your garage door is not insulated, you can easily add the insulation on your own without needing any assistance from professionals. In fact, you can purchase thermal bubble rolls at your home improvement store and apply it to the interior side of the garage door. Once it is properly applied, you may no longer notice a bit of a draft coming in from the door. As a result, it may feel more comfortable in the home, especially in rooms that were closest to the garage.

4. Lower the Thermostat at Night

It may seem simple, but many people forget to lower their thermostat at night. While you may want to feel warm at night, there are other ways to do so without relying solely on the heat that comes from your heater. If you are planning to lower the thermostat by about 10-12 degrees, keep yourself warm by wearing layers of clothing and using heavy blankets. Make sure to put a pair of thick socks on your feet and consider wearing a knit hat to keep your head warm at night. The heavy clothes and blankets will keep you feeling comfortable and warm while a lowered thermostat will help you conserve and save.

There are many ways to make your home a bit more energy-efficient. You can use solar shades on your windows, have solar panels installed, add insulation to your garage door and lower your thermostat when you are going to sleep. After taking these steps, your bills may be significantly lower than they were in the past.