How To Reduce Restaurant Dumpster Odors

Posted on: 27 January 2016

If you own a large restaurant, then you will undoubtedly have a great deal of food and other waste that is discarded on a daily basis. The average restaurant produces around 150,000 pounds of waste each year. If you feel that your garbage and waste collection needs are overwhelming, then it is wise to invest in a large dumpster to meet your needs. Since a cubic yard of garbage weighs 350 pounds, you should probably invest in a single 40 yard dumpster or two 20 yard dumpsters. Unfortunately, these large dumpsters are likely to smell, especially since they contain mostly food. Smells can attract pests and lead to an unpleasant environment around your restaurant. To reduce these concerns, try to cut down on smells between trash removal days. 

Use and Seal The Right Trash Bags

Smells are transported through the air, and this means that your dumpster will smell like rotten food only if waste bags are left unsealed or if they are punctured. To help prevent punctures, make sure to purchase low density trash bags. These bags are constructed out of a flexible type of resin that will stretch and resist punctures. Bags that are hefty with sides that are closer to 2.5 mils thick are also ideal. You should make sure that the bottom of the bag has a star seal too. This type of seal is one that is created by folding the bottom of the trash bag several times and then heating the resin to seal it closed. This will prevent leaks when pressure is placed on the bag. 

Once you purchase the right trash bags, make sure about three or four inches of the bag hangs over the top of the trash can. Fill the can until the trash is level with the top of it and then pull the bag out of the can using two hands. Twist the bag closed and hold the twist in your hand. Afterwards, create a tight knot to seal the bag making sure the knot sits close to the enclosed garbage. While a tight knot will seal the bag, you can use a zip tie just above the knot to make sure that the bag stays sealed. Lower the bag into the dumpster when you are done. 

Neutralize Odors

Some of your trash bags may still break despite your efforts. To help keep these broken bags from completely filling your dumpster will smells, make sure to spread a product on the bottom of the dumpster that neutralizes, deodorizes, and absorbs foul smells. You can purchase a granule product that is specifically made for use with dumpsters to minimize odors.

You can also make your own odor neutralizer to keep smells at bay. To do this, you will need baking soda and cat litter. The cat litter will absorb any moisture that falls to the bottom of the dumpster and the baking soda will absorb odors. If fluids typically do not collect in your dumpster or if odors are extremely strong, then think about substituting activated charcoal for the cat litter. Activated charcoal is often used in respirators to absorb vapors and gases, and it does a great job at absorbing smells. Mix together two cups of baking soda and two cups of activated charcoal or cat litter and spread it across the bottom of the dumpster. Do this every time your dumpster is emptied.

If you notice pests around your dumpsters, then it is wise to also make a pleasant smelling spray to spritz down the inside of the dumpster. This spray should contain peppermint essential oil, because the smell will repel mice and other rodents. Purchase a small spray bottle and fill it with water. Add 10 drops of peppermint oil to the water and shake the bottle. Open your dumpster and use the spray inside the dumpster. Make sure to use a generous amount to overpower any foul odors.